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J. Ming Ma

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I geek out to high-tech/social communication concepts all the time.

I attempt to walk in sky-high heels, and prefer coffee to tea any day.

My socks never match.

Digital/PR/Marketing are my occupations...including my love for PDX.

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    "Mr. Farbman says recent successes — Gap is careful not to declare a turnaround, as there’s still plenty of work to do — are thanks to a combination of things. The product has improved and new talent has been brought on board. Marketing in stores has been stripped down to large, emotional images. And “community tables” featuring charging stations and the occasional display of baked goods are being added to select stores, in an effort to give customers a place to congregate."
    Mind the @Gap: Retailer Fashions Brand Resurgence: via @adage 
    — 1 year ago
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    Picked up a few shiny new things. I was a Gap Baby, Gap Kid, and will forever remain a Gap Woman. Loving their more relaxed spring/summer collection. 

    — 3 years ago
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