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J. Ming Ma

Ask me anything   Submit   Multi-tasking is my forte; sitting still is not. Driven, classy, sassy, compassionate and a complete extrovert.

I geek out to high-tech/social communication concepts all the time.

I attempt to walk in sky-high heels, and prefer coffee to tea any day.

My socks never match.

Digital/PR/Marketing are my occupations...including my love for PDX.

...and here are a few things flowing through my mind.



    What do you include in a PR portfolio?

    Looking forward to reviewing University of Oregon School of Journalism student PR portfolios this Friday. Those in PR, what do you recommend including nowadays?

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    .com Disclosures →

    Large doc but worth having on hand: .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in #Digital Advertising:

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    A @pdxtrailblazers #marketing tactic: @crashwallace emergency car kit. Holla! #basketball #nba #portland #blazers #sports #pr (Taken with Instagram at Memorial Coliseum)

    A @pdxtrailblazers #marketing tactic: @crashwallace emergency car kit. Holla! #basketball #nba #portland #blazers #sports #pr (Taken with Instagram at Memorial Coliseum)

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    PR Daily: How to date a PR professional

    Totally spot on & funny. Thanks to my good friend @techsf for sharing this article from @markraganceo. Full article:

    With a nod to Tom Chambers’s post on five things to know before dating a journalist, here’s a similar guide to embarking on a relationship with a PR professional. 

    Here are four things you should know about dating a PR pro: 

    Our relationships are our top priority.

    Because our job involves satisfying the needs of multiple people, we’re good at relationships. We’re good at mediating, moderating, and making things happen. “Fantastic,” you’re thinking, “this all sounds lovely.” 

    Oh, wait, did you think we meant our “relationship” with you? Oh, goodness, no. We have vast networks of contacts; we have more “relationships” than Richard Branson has islands. (Actually, that’s a rubbish comparison—he has only one.) 

    The fact is, we are people people, inherently social, and we will undoubtedly know at least three times more people in the bar than you do.

    We’re very positive.

    Come to us with a problem, and we will always give you a solution. We like turning situations around—so much so that sometimes you might forget how things actually were in the first place. 

    Some people call this spin, but we don’t. We prefer to think of ourselves as incredible storytellers; there will never be an awkward silence over dinner when we’re around, ever. 

    We know what’s hot and what’s not.

    We are very much on the ball in terms of what’s hot or not. We work six months in advance, so we live that way. Early adopters, some might say. 

    When you think something’s cool, chances are we’ve been there and done that—most likely at an industry event. Some of these industry events require us to exist on a diet of champagne and the odd canapé, normally handed out at the latest “unbookable” restaurant. We can be a little tricky to wow at dinner.

    We’re incredibly efficient.

    Returning to the “everybody” of my first point, we have a lot of people to stay in touch with, so we are rather good at organization. 

    However, this makes for an incredibly packed schedule, so you could find yourself being allocated a time in the ever-present BlackBerry calendar, possibly as a weekend or evening activity. 

    You could also find dinner interrupted by the red flash of the BlackBerry, alerting us to an essential social media checking appointment. Please just allow us to ensure each of our social networks is up to speed; it won’t take a minute. The world could end if you prevent us from doing this.

    With that, you are fully briefed on what to expect from your other-half—the good, the bad, and the sometimes-baffling traits of PR people. Treat us well, and you’ll become like a favorite client: We’ll want to spend all our time with you.

    Anything to add? 

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    Postrel: Where is the Next Steve Jobs?

    "Effort is not strategy. Neither are financial projections. And neither are wishes." 

    Full article via @bloomberg:

    So if you really want to be like Apple, drop the fluff- filled vision statements and magical wishes. Pretend your company’s existence is at stake, coldly evaluate the environment, and make choices. Stop thinking of strategy as meaningless verbiage or financial goals and treat it as a serious design challenge.”

    — 3 years ago
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