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    Pork belly…get in me belly!

    I had a fun-filled, food-filled weekend to say the least. I FINALLY tried Biwa after numerous recommendations from friends. Let me tell you: it was delicious! Authentic Japanese cuisine at it’s finest. Most everything was made to order - setting up a relaxing atmosphere where the plates come out one by one vs. stuffing your face and losing track of the wonderful, presented tastes. 

    My fave dishes: the pork belly (fatty goodness!) and the handmade (the wrap too!) pork-filled gyoza that was grilled to crisp perfection. 

    I received many recommendations to try their ramen, and honestly, I didn’t fall in love. Not sure if it was the broth or the super strong shoyu soaked egg, but I think I might go for their steak tartar and udon next time. And yes, there will be a next time. 

    We arrived right when the doors opened (5:00 p.m.) and within 15 minutes this small joint was filled - so prep accordingly. 


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